Marts, 2021

Dette er en gentagne begivenhed

10Mar9:00 pmVirtuel BegivenhedAvanceret AKY


In this time of intense change, we have the opportunity to come together with our Atma Kriya Yoga Family from all around.
Each Wednesday night, Swami Tulsidasananda or Aksharananda are guiding and teaching the Atma Kriya yogis, supporting everyone to explore the depths of their practice.
Group Practice is highly recommended for the Atma Kriya Yogis and you can feel how easy it is to stay focused in your practice and how wonderful it is to feel your Atma Kriya Yoga Family practicing at the same time.

Turn your focus to the Love within and join us each Wednesday for the advanced Atma Kriya Yoga worldwide Group Practice with Swami Tulsidasananda and Aksharananda.


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